Spidey AlleyWas at the Warner Bros. studios the other day and this is what I saw there. The famous spidey scene where five guys get beaten up, MJ gets saved and spidey comes upside down to hand over a kiss was shot here (image on the right). Most of the scenes were shot around the same alley (I guess a norm in the film industry). My wife’s excitement levels were quite low as compared to mine – she has been there done that and shrugged away the studio as “not comparable” to the ones in Mumbai. Quite an experience for me.

12-oceansThe famous helicopter scene (Oceans 12)  and the casino scenes were shot in this place on the left. The helicopter scene  is supposed to be on a roof top, and can you believe it that the roof top is actually the alley we see on the left? They hid the buildings with large green screens.

Talking of the buildings, these are real buildings there. They are painted and furnished appropriately every time to match the period and flavor of the movie. Well, not just movies – but even TV serials are shot in the same sets.

friends-placeThen, the place on the right is where the famous Friends’ episode (guys are in college, chubby and look weird and go out and ask the girls for the prom night) was shot. The entire shoot (of Ross’ house) was inside this little house – and outside of it.

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