Proved again: Little knowledge can be lethal than none at all

Once again, somebody sucked at the Bangalore Int’l Airport and made yet another foolish mistake. As if the single terminal at an International airport did not let us have enough of their stupidity, here’s another one. Click the photo on right to see how they have wrongly used far-sightedness (see definition) when they actually meant to say that he was farsighted (see definition). I am never shy to check the dictionary, even for the word shy.

  • Here’s my tip to the BIAL media fo(o)lks: “Do not waste your insufficient brain strength on trying to promote the city. Bangalore already has a lot of credibility and recognition.”
  • Another one: What is the point of keeping Bangalore maps at the departure points and “NOT” at the arrival gates or baggage claims or the exit gates?
  • Why are the customs personnel there always looking to make a quick buck out of any one and are rude to the tip of their hair? You want money in those white dresses, that is fine with me – but why the hell do you want to poke me to the verge of lunacy?  I am so annoyed with this whole ruckus.
  • Yet another one: Why the hell are you charging a user development fee at the gate of the airport? Why can’t you let the airline counters do it? Why can’t the airline tickets include it? They don’t care about how inconvenient it gets for the passangers. I am not against the fee – BUT TAKE IT IN A DECENT ENOUGH WAY!

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