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Shaho Ka Shah Tu

Am referring to the brilliant song by Mr. Rahman. He does it always, so no surprises there. As much as Jodha and Akbar were nuked at the box office, this song cleared all the smoke there.

Khwaja Mere Khwaja (read this excellent review) has got some really wonderful music and taking into consideration that A. R. Rahman used only his voice in the song, there’s something about it. Do listen to the song once (if you can understand Urdu/Hindi).

I say “listen”, because the choreography has ruined the song. That is exactly the reason why Akbar was defeated for the first time after his death. I don’t know sh** about dancing, but whatever the cinematographer or choreographer wanted to convey was not put through. People were laughing (especially at how Akbar – Hrithik starts to dance in the end). It’s a good ham watch I dare say.

Jodha could not visit Rajasthan, as the idea did not go down well with the people there. History has always been a controversy here, so Rajasthan was no show.