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Sem Mozhiyaan Tamizh…

Exceptionally done by Rahman; the Tamil anthem (which has nothing to do with the Tamil state, but the Tamil language). I remember dismissing the anthem earlier without understanding that it was for the promotion of the language alone. Very glad to hear and understand it today, I decided to do my bit of promotion.

Lyrics with translation appear here. By the way, Ms. Hassan picks up at the 5th minute in the song very beautifully.

Lowmus – Play songs to your audio (music) system

Screen shot: Amarok XUL Remote + Winamp Edcast Plugin
Screen shot: Amarok XUL Remote + Winamp Edcast Plugin

I wanted to play music from my laptop to my music system. So, if I fire up Amarok (or Winamp, in case it’s my wife), and I play a song – that should start playing onto my music system.

The best way to achieve it was to connect a low end machine on the network and connect the Audio out from the sound card of that machine into the music system’s Auxiliary port. Hurdles were the software to make it work seamlessly. Follow on…

Apart from a low end system, you also need the perfect OS, which expands to openSUSE. Perfecto.

  • an old system (can be as old as a Pentium 100 Mhz, with some 128MB RAM to spare)
    • this old system would be connected to the Auxiliary input of your music system
  • an openSUSE 10.3 CD (KDE) – Gawd, I love the lizards..
  • a laptop running any Linux or Win*****

After I got 10.3 SUSE running on the host, I connected lowmus (that’s the name I gave to my Pentium 2 166 Mhz with 256 MB RAM) to my old Panasonic audio system (a really old model) and did this:

  • sudo zypper in fluxbox icecast amarok

The next thing to do was login locally to the box (lowmus) and select fluxbox as my default window manager. I configured fluxbox to run amarok and icecast at startup. Essentially, this:

  • mkdir -p ~/.icecast/log/
  • cp /usr/share/icecast/doc/icecast_minimal.xml.dist ~/.icecast/icecast_minimal.xml
  • # changed password on line 24 onwards in ~/.icecast/icecast_minimal.xml
  • # changed logdir to ~/.icecast/log on line 134 onwards in ~/.icecast/icecast_minimal.xml
  • # changed user and group on line 183 onwards in ~/.icecast/icecast_minimal.xml
  • # edited ~/.fluxbox/startup to add these lines:
    • /usr/bin/icecast -c /home/$USERNAME/.icecast/icecast_minimal.xml &
      /opt/kde3/bin/amarok &
  • Used icecast plugin for Winamp on the laptop to stream video to lowmus
  • Configure icecast plugin to stream as Ogg and give the host IP of lowmus along with the passwords you had set above
  • Make sure to configure Amarok on the remote host (lowmus) to play a local stream
    • Fire up amarok on lowmus
    • Click on Playlist > Add Stream > enter [http://localhost:8000/stream.ogg
    • The stream.ogg is the mount point you configured in your Winamp plugin (edcast) or Amarok plugin
    • Hear the sound of music already? (if your player on laptop is playing music)
  • If you play Amarok on your lappy, there are loads of plugins available for icecasting music to lowmus
  • The only other thing you need on your laptop is the Amarok XUL remote
    • Make sure to do a sudo zypper python-qt on your remote host (lowmus)
    • Amarok XUL remote should be installed by doing Amarok > Tools > Script Manager > Install Script > (select the xul-remote-tgz file) and click ok! (do that on lowmus)
    • Configure the script to have the localhost’s IP and a port (preferable 8888) – click Run!
    • Fire up firefox on your laptop and connect to the IP above, like
    • It would automatically install Amarok Remote plugin for firefox
    • Go to Tools > Amarok remote on Firefox (laptop) and click on Configure
    • Give your host (lowmus) IP a username (given in a step above) and password – port=8888
    • After you connect, you see Amarok’s playlist on your laptop from the remote host
    • You can increase/decrease volume using amarok remote and change to a different song on the playlist on the remote host (if you have enlisted those)

Play along!

Shaho Ka Shah Tu

Am referring to the brilliant song by Mr. Rahman. He does it always, so no surprises there. As much as Jodha and Akbar were nuked at the box office, this song cleared all the smoke there.

Khwaja Mere Khwaja (read this excellent review) has got some really wonderful music and taking into consideration that A. R. Rahman used only his voice in the song, there’s something about it. Do listen to the song once (if you can understand Urdu/Hindi).

I say “listen”, because the choreography has ruined the song. That is exactly the reason why Akbar was defeated for the first time after his death. I don’t know sh** about dancing, but whatever the cinematographer or choreographer wanted to convey was not put through. People were laughing (especially at how Akbar – Hrithik starts to dance in the end). It’s a good ham watch I dare say.

Jodha could not visit Rajasthan, as the idea did not go down well with the people there. History has always been a controversy here, so Rajasthan was no show.

Beautiful (Instrumental) Songs (That Might Be) Missed

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  • Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris – Golden Days – Fri Jan 18 10:09:30 2008
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Don’t wanna miss these songs, so am putting ’em up here.