Prayers of Gold

There was dust and noise all around as she hoped that this would die down soon. No matter how close she got to the chief destination, the ache at the back of her head never did plummet. Then there was a white majestic structure in sight which put fresh hopes of surprise.

With washed feet and a covered head, she ventured into the world of “Ek Onkar” behind the white gates. The golden domes in sight, the water around them and a safe feeling of being in one of the world’s best managed temples had already killed the dusty images of Amritsar left behind.

Going around the beautiful real-gold-domes on the cool white marble she saw a kid seated on the ground with folded hands towards the temple. Devotion could lead the kid to deliver a cheque of £100,000 from his London residence, when he grows up to realize these prayers, to the temple – as many others have done (evident from the tiles engraved with such generous donations at the Prasad area).

The langar was a simple black dal, roti and rice with a kesari halwa at the end. That wasn’t a deterring factor to have it as there can be no better way to experience community power. A few servants at the langar drove into the temple in a Mercedez as the community would give back what it got – supposedly from God.

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