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Promoted to Manager

Definitions: Manager refers to someone managing people in a professional capacity. Promotion refers to advancing in your career.

tl;dr: When someone transitions to be a manager, they choose a new path in their profession. Going from a non-manager employee to a manager is not a promotion.

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Broken Talent

Have you ever come across people who teach you something every time you interact with them? It is rare to find such gems, but it requires a keen mind to find them, especially if they are not well known and don’t have the regular social achievements under their belt.

More often than not, I have come across such people who are underappreciated by the folks who are a part of their team, their family and very often, by their management. Not to say that every one of these folks are ignored, or everyone who is ignored is somehow in the category of exuding brilliance. Yet, I personally know many (had to mentally go through their faces), and possibly more if I put my mind to it. It pains me every time I think how much more they could achieve, give back to the society and how much further they could be in life than where I am.

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