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Make it Serve!

Update: I am so glad I could see the first day first show (May 8, 2009). The screen was small (and not an IMax, as the AMC guys put it). People were waiting for the show two hours in advance – and the premises were generally dirty. We had to shift people to get two seats together (though there were three of us).  Two non-fans of Star Trek (my wife and my manager) gave a thumbs up to the movie. I am glad they liked it – my only purpose to catch it there was to get a collectible card with Spock on it. :) Warp 5!

Curious incident of the dog..

An excellent read. I could not have read a better book than this one in quite a while. If you like reading stuff that is out of ordinary and breaks literati-set-rules then go for this novel.

My observation was that the author was clearly into his first project (and bang on). There were problems in between (plot becomes slow), but the surprises were very neatly set in to wash all that off.

I would give this book a 8 out of 10 on all aspects and would recommend it to be read by 16+ only.