Shame On The Streets

Stop. Look. Get emotionally robbed. Go.

If you have ever stopped at a traffic signal (anywhere in India), you have witnessed an industry that has grown by leaps and bounds. Begging at traffic signals is increasing every day. Here are the facts:

  • They play with your emotions and earn money. Don’t be fooled by the old age or the new born babies. It’s all set up and none of it is ever genuine. An excellent movie on this was made in 2007.
  • You earn hard money – and you convert it into black money by giving out 5 Rupees a day.
  • You are not helping – but encouraging mafia to “cut more hands / chop off more legs” of kidnapped children and helpless men/women.
  • This is not personal – it’s a national shame that people beg on the streets.
  • A show on BBC (on everyday lives of Mumbai’s eunuchs) interviewed a eunuch begging on a traffic signal. When a man in a car offered work to the eunuch (that was on camera), the eunuch hurled some abuses (live on camera).
  • Most of the beggars out there are making money anywhere between Rs. 50 to Rs. 1000 a day.
  • India Today covered a story in the last week of January 2008 on begging. The numbers and facts there are not in the least shocking.
  • Update – Begging is an industry which has an annual turnover close to Rs. 180 crore in Mumbai alone. The article from India today has the data. Who’s the beggar?

You can help by discouraging people when they give out money to beggars. Even a single coin lost to them will promote begging. Begging is a combination of multiple evils – inflicted injuries, black and easy money, kidnappings, child stealing and child labour.

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  1. Mr Fryol,
    I think begging is a very growing industry and as you said yes , it create black money. I think charity and begging are not similar. We must contribute in charity but not in begging. Whosoever wants to stop creating beggers should not give on road crossings or for that matter anywhere else.

    Nice work
    Go Ahead!


  2. I really wish that the darn Govt. puts an end to this..the corruption that they are involved in…I really don’t wanna start something…though they cannot put an end I know there mught be some Genuine Beggars but at the same time the Govt. needs to be strict on this, there is a chance where they can prevent this if they act on it insead of bein’ seated on their lazy back sides and doing nothing for the country….and with all such crap around, I wonder when they are ever going to host the Olympics in this country…Our country is good…but the people are corrupted and selfish as the politicians rob and that is the reason all this crap occurs….If only they can be doing something right and true for the country…that would be great !!!!


  3. @Shreyansh: Appreciate your feedback and commitment. I knew there were a lot of people like me, just that I didn’t know their names. :)

    @Isaac: I think it’s quite an old fashion thing to blame the Govt nowadays. We all know they won’t do anything. So why not just take control and do something ourselves. Like vote them out? ;)

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I must say, on tracing back, I found a very good post on begging! A well analyzed post which kind of also supports my suggestion of giving biscuits instead of money to small children begging on road.

    Thanks for bringing these details out. It is really very helpful for gullible ppl like me!!

  5. great post, let’s keep spreading the word to stop begging…. donate to well-known organizations that help impoverished people receive food/education/health care instead, you’re money will go to far better use and also protect human rights!

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