Was reading through Abhinav’s blog and was delighted to read Pushp ki Abhilasha. Reminded me of another great poem which makes much more sense to me now “Mera Naya Bachpan” by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan.

You can read it here. But I can’t help posting a few lines here:

Main bachpan ko bula rahi thi bol uthi bitiya meri,
Nandan van si phool uthi yeh chhoti si kutiya meri.

“Ma o” keh kar bula rahi thi mitti kha kar aayi thi,
Kuchh muhn mein kuchh liye haath mein mujhe khilane layi thi.

Pulak rahe the ang drago mein kautahul tha chhalak raha,
Muhn par thi aahlad-lalima vijay gaurav tha chhalak raha.

Maine puchha “Yeh kya layi?” bol uthi voh “Ma kao”,
Hua praffulit hriday khushi se maine kahan – “tum hi khao”.

The impact is made when the poetess’ daughter offers some of the mud to her mother, to which the mother fills up with joy and though refusing the offer – she doesn’t stop the kid from having it too. The ease with which the poetess sees her child’s joy and love is remarkable. The unassuming turn down of the offer and the affectionate encouragement are a pure joy to read while you feel those emotions.

Another exemplary creation was “Adhikar” by Mahadevi Varma (read it here). Here are a few lines from the same:

Aisa tera lok vedna
nahi, nahi jisme avsad,
Jalna jana nahi, nahi
jisne jana mitne ka swad

Kya amron ka lok milega,
Teri karuna ka upahar,
Rehne do he dev Arey!
Yeh mere mitne ka adhikaar.

I am simply amazed by the highest level of thinking this lady had attained, and extremely distinct thought processes that set you thinking in a vertical direction. Though you might not be so much into afterlife, but the perpendicular point of view presented here is extremely dramatic.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this post Rishi(Mera naya Bachpan)…I was looking for this poem online…and found your post realy useful…Thanks and God Bless You:-)

  2. Amazing…man I just felt those days when I used to read these poems and just wanted to get over it now I am not getting enough of it..what a feeling you just reminded me of my daughter..literally had tears in my eyes..I don’t really remember my adolescence but yeah it must have been as beautiful as this. What a way to re-live your past, see that feel that in the most beautiful way, sometimes you know we get frustrated with the kid around you but truly speaking when my daughter (Vanshika) is not around me I feel incomplete just want to cuddle her, feel her innocence and be a part of her in everything she does. I know I am deviating from the subject but still would indulge everyone to have kids pretty soon, please stop running after your career, don’t run away from one thing just because you need to setup another thing, balance your life (does not mean have as many kids as possible).
    Re-live the innocence

  3. “Mitne ka adhikar” – powerful inspiration to realize the importance of pain.
    Her philosophy and method are at par with Tagore.

  4. i was searching for this poem “mera naya bachpan”…happy to read it after a long time.thanx..:)

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