Fryol Coin

It took me some considerable effort to design the logo for “fryol”. A cumulative eight hours of fiddling around left me with this final design where I decided to put all the three basic colours – red, green and blue.

I call this logo “The Fryol Coin” and am planning to print out Fryol Coins as car and desktop stickers.

Design Phase
During the initial design phase I was trying to concentrate on what the logo would indicate. As would mostly be based on my financial and technical discussions, I was trying to put some money or maybe an electronic circuit there. But that did not work out, so I concentrated on putting the word “fryol” in there. And finally decided to just put the letter “f”.

While making the logo, I was choosing a theme for the site too, and I decided that as the theme’s going to be really plain, the logo should have a lot of colours.

Drawing & Touch Up
GIMP As the logo was done up entirely in GIMP, I didn’t have too many fonts. Zekton is an exciting font, but there were limitations to how it could be used, so I decided to leave it out. I finally decided to rev up the letter f, so I chose UTW..Sans Serif font, and inverted the letter “f” to give both top and bottom a similar look.

Fryol CoinI drew a lot of ellipses and applied different filters and hue colors on them (simultaneously adding some Alpha Channels), so as to try and include all the colours in some uniformity. Careful observation will show that there is indeed a lot of uniformity with regards to the contents in there.

Final Effects
Using the Script-Fu > Shadows > Xach-Effect filter on GIMP, I gave it a coin feel (though I removed the Highlight layer it creates).

Total time taken was around 5 hours on Day 1, and after about a gap of 24 hours, it took me another 3 hours on Day 2. But am pretty happy with the final outcome.

Favicon – Coining Your Address Bar
…so that this nifty coin fits at the front of was an exciting thing. Created a new 16×16 pixel PNG file and copied a scaled down ‘Fryol Coin’ into it. Then I included a link tag in my headers, put type = icon attribute in there and gave the path to the image I uploaded.

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