भद्रम कर्नेभि: श्रिनुयाम देवा: |
भद्रम पश्येमा क्षभिर्यजत्रा: |
स्थिरैरन्गै स्तुस्तुवागम्सस्तनुभि: |
व्यशेम देवहितम यदायु: |

स्वस्ति न ईन्द्रो वरिद्धश्रवा: |
स्वस्ति न: पूशा विश्ववेदा: |
स्वस्ति न स्तार्क्षो अरिश्तनेमि: |
स्वस्ति न ब्रिहस्पतिर दधातु |

O Gods! May we worship the Lord and listen to auspicious words, see all that is only auspicious, praise thy Lord with a strong body and utilize this life to perform all deeds which are good and sublime and which are bestowed upon us by God.

May Indra, whose glory and greatness is known by all and everywhere, nurture and nourish us. May Pusha, who knows everything about the world, do good to us and nourish us. May Garuda, who is equal in strength to the wheel and is the destroyer of all enemies, nourish us. May the Lord of intellect Brihaspati do good to us and pave the way towards welfare. May all our Adhibhautik, Adhidaivik and Adhyatamik worries cease to exist.

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